Rebel Belle - Rachel Hawkins

I started reading this book without knowing anything about the plot,it was such a great thing to do,because had I read the synopsis, the first few chapters would have been spoilt for me. Such a pity it would have been,as the first few chapters are my favorite part of the book,the most exciting parts.Having seen this book on Goodreads a lot with a lot of good reviews and also Having read Hex Hall ,I decided to give this book a go,I am not sorry,but I just expected more. While reading,I kept comparing it with Unearthly, not that they are similar or anything but as a result I half expected what the ending would be like,and I was right.Unearthly's ending caught me off gaurd,but this book's ending was kind of expected.

I think this book was more of a romance novel,and I wish there were more elements of fantasy in it.

I have so many questions on my mind, such as:

1. why were David's visions completely wrong?? I know his visions are supposed to be unclear until he is 18,also he is a boy.But seriously, I felt deceived when Saylor died instead of Harper? So,what is point of his visions when they are this much misleading????

2. why didn't it occure to them why his visions were completey different from what really happened?? I know I know, David being a boy,and not yet 18. but It was really annoying, they should have questioned it more??

3. If the history teacher were a mage,why didn't the janitor or miss Saylor notice it any sooner? 4.if mages or ephors can't come near their city,how come the history teacher did?

5.the mage said she meant no harm to David,but she chased them in her car,she was going to harm David, that 's why Harper felt it,isn't it contradictory ?

6.it wasn't explained as to why David wrote those mean articles about Harper,despite the fact that he had a crush on her? Does it make sense at all??

7.Harper and David were sworn enemies, after Harper becamehis protector,everything changed so suddenly, this transmission was so.sudden?? 


Maybe I am being irrational,I don't know. Maybe I should have read it more carefully, but really I expected more,a lot more than this. Seeing almost everyone rating it five stars, making me wonder why I didn't enjoy it as much as them.

All in all,I believe it was a decent read,but doesn't deserve the praise and high ratings it receiveing on GD. The first few chapters were the best part of this book,in the middle I got bored,until they paid the mage a visit,but again it was boring,until the last chapter.