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I am so fond of books that even going to a bookstore makes me feel great,even though I am just browsing and not buying books.Yeah,if I actually buy a book or more,I will feel over the moon. Having said that,I am a picky reader, and if a book doesn't grab my interest within first few chapters,I abandon it to read another one. 

My favorites genres are YA, fantasy, sci-fi, mystery and contemporary 

Rebel Belle - Rachel Hawkins

I started reading this book without knowing anything about the plot,it was such a great thing to do,because had I read the synopsis, the first few chapters would have been spoilt for me. Such a pity it would have been,as the first few chapters are my favorite part of the book,the most exciting parts.Having seen this book on Goodreads a lot with a lot of good reviews and also Having read Hex Hall ,I decided to give this book a go,I am not sorry,but I just expected more. While reading,I kept comparing it with Unearthly, not that they are similar or anything but as a result I half expected what the ending would be like,and I was right.Unearthly's ending caught me off gaurd,but this book's ending was kind of expected.

I think this book was more of a romance novel,and I wish there were more elements of fantasy in it.

I have so many questions on my mind, such as:

1. why were David's visions completely wrong?? I know his visions are supposed to be unclear until he is 18,also he is a boy.But seriously, I felt deceived when Saylor died instead of Harper? So,what is point of his visions when they are this much misleading????

2. why didn't it occure to them why his visions were completey different from what really happened?? I know I know, David being a boy,and not yet 18. but It was really annoying, they should have questioned it more??

3. If the history teacher were a mage,why didn't the janitor or miss Saylor notice it any sooner? 4.if mages or ephors can't come near their city,how come the history teacher did?

5.the mage said she meant no harm to David,but she chased them in her car,she was going to harm David, that 's why Harper felt it,isn't it contradictory ? wasn't explained as to why David wrote those mean articles about Harper,despite the fact that he had a crush on her? Does it make sense at all??

7.Harper and David were sworn enemies, after Harper becamehis protector,everything changed so suddenly, this transmission was so.sudden?? 


Maybe I am being irrational,I don't know. Maybe I should have read it more carefully, but really I expected more,a lot more than this. Seeing almost everyone rating it five stars, making me wonder why I didn't enjoy it as much as them.

All in all,I believe it was a decent read,but doesn't deserve the praise and high ratings it receiveing on GD. The first few chapters were the best part of this book,in the middle I got bored,until they paid the mage a visit,but again it was boring,until the last chapter.

Where She Went

Where She Went  - Gayle Forman, Dan Bittner So,I didn't like "where she went" as much as "if I stay".I was put off a little bit with the content. But,what I was expecting,a rockstar lifestyle is supposedly like this. I was surprised how much Adam's life was crushed by Mia.I feel for this poor guy.Yeah,if you have read the book you know what I mean by guy!! But,truth to be told, it is unbelievable how much Adam was changed because of Mia !
I wish there was another book in this series,and this time from Kim's POV.I like to know more about her,and her adventures as a war photographer.

If I Stay

If I Stay - Gayle Forman This book is so beautifully written.Forman knows how to tell a story.This book sends the reader on an emotional roller-coaster .Reading it,you get sucked into the book ,and feel as if you are witnessing all events with your own eyes.It brings tears to eyes and breaks your hearts.Despite all that,you can't put the book down.You want to know if she decides to stay or to leave.Were you in her shoes,what would you do? That's the question you will ask yourself reading this book.That's a tough call. You need to read the book to know the answer. After finishing it,still you are craving for more.The good news is there is a sequel.Yaaaaay.

The Host

The Host  - Kate Reading, Stephenie Meyer After not liking Twilight that much,I have always been in doubt about reading The Host .However, I downloaded the audiobook on a whim,and started listening to it.I struggled through first chapters,but to my surprise I love the rest of the book. I am so happy that I finally gave this a chance. Because unlike Bella, Wanda is so sweet and adorable.

Murder on the Orient Express (Hercule Poirot, #10)

Murder on the Orient Express (Hercule Poirot, #10) - Agatha Christie I am really wowed by the ending.Who could see that coming? Before reading the last chapter,I was bored and put off about a certain things that sounded so fishy,but the ending made up for everything else for me!

Elephants Can Remember

Elephants Can Remember - Agatha Christie I should probably be happy now,but I am not,I am so sad,why?? Because,I was ready to be wowed.But this book failed to do that! Never have I read a Poirot mystery,which I could see what had happened how and why sooner than Poirot! It was my wish to be able to outsmart him,but I was wrong.I want him to be one step ahead of me,not me ahead of him! That's so sad!!
I should have read a better known novel by Agatha Christie,not this one! But I don't give up on her!

The Future of Us

The Future of Us - Jay Asher, Carolyn Mackler This book reminded me a lot of the other book I read by the same author,"Thirteen Reasons Why",which was way better than this one if you ask me!

I like the concept itself,which is logging on to your future Facebook account when Facebook hasn't been invented yet.I found it quite intriguing,but I just felt,it was not well executed enough,or at least,it could have been executed much better than this! I just felt something was missing,maybe the reason is that it was contrary to my expectations,I kind of expected less romance,and more sci-fi stuff,but this book failed to live up to that! It is just more of a teen romance than anything else!

All in all,I enjoyed listening to this audiobook,although there were a few things which weren't to my liking,so I suppose,three stars would do the justice! Or maybe three stars and a half!

101 Ways to Transform Your Life

101 Ways to Transform Your Life - Wayne W. Dyer As the name of the book speaks for itself,this book contains 101 ways to transform your life.Although,it seems to me that a lot of these ways are just repeated over and over through the book ,and it simply could be summed up in 50 ways,I really like the book all the same.The first thing I noticed about this audiobook, is that the speaker,who I suppose is the author of the book,is very clear and easy to listen to. The background music makes it more relaxing and maintains my interest in the audiobook.Overall,it has a soothing vibe.
I've listened to it few times already.Each time,the good feeling last for a few days,then I just felt like listening to it.So,I ended up listening to it again.And still there is a high possibilty of me listening to it again.:)

The Ersatz Elevator

The Ersatz Elevator - Lemony Snicket I really like this series,I just wonder why I hadn't read the whole series sooner!
My only complaint is that the audiobook is not narrated by the author himself as it was the case in previous books,Not that Tim Curry is not good,just I had gotten used to author's voice!!


Unearthly  - Cynthia Hand, Samantha Quan Wow,I like it,a lot better than Divergent.I could never guess ,it was going to end like this.I think,if I had paid more attention,I could have guessed,but dumb me.I really didn't see this ending coming.Although,I am trying to avoid romance,I don't know exactly why it didn't bother me much in this book.I wonder what Cynthia Hand has in store for us,readers,in the next book,Hallowed.Can't wait to read it.


Pinocchio - Carlo Collodi I listened to the dramatized audio version of this book. It was kind of short.I like it all the same,all the cast did a great job to do the justice.

The Lottery (Tale Blazers)

The Lottery (Tale Blazers) - Shirley Jackson My first reaction after finishing this short story was like this :"seriously,seriously,what the hell is going on,I must have got it wrong,".Then,I read the last paragraphs again,oh no no,it is so brutal,the story began really nicely,I didn't see this ending coming
Although this story is well written,I don't like it a bit,I don't think anyone does! I'm still in shock! what was the reason behind this lottery??????


Divergent  - Veronica Roth, Emma Galvin I have mixed feelings about this book,I think the initiation took a long time,and it was a bit draggy in my mind .I didn't like the romance much!! I want to read a book with the least amount of romance,and this book doesn't fall into this category!
I have a lot of complaints to make about this book.

The Notebook

The Notebook - Nicholas Sparks I didn't love this book,but I wanted to read something heartwarming.And,it gave me what I was looking for,and took my mind off some problems I'm dealing with. And,it was so easy to read,and it was kind of short,too.So yeah I liked it,except one or two scenes.But I wasn't impressed by it as the best love story ever! And,I had some problems with charaters! I couldn't understand them sometimes.
As always,I prefer the book to the movie, the movie is much longer and detailed.That's because I haven't watched it completely,I think some parts dragged on, that's because it was mostly fast forwarded!

Swan Lake

Swan Lake - Jenny Dooley It used to be one of my favorite animations, I still love it.
The audiobook is just awesome, a walk down the memory lane for me.
How much I love this fairy tale, while listening to it I feel as if I am still the little girl who watched this animation over twenty times!

Storm Front

Storm Front - Jim Butcher Didn't like it as much as I'd expected.Owing to the fact that it's the combination of mystery and wizardry,I'd thought,I would like this book,however,I found myself hating it in some parts.It was boring in the middle as hell,so boring that I stopped listening to the audiobook and picked up my ereader to read the rest,which was kind of torture!! I skipped so many pages!
I really hate the way women are portrayed in this book.
Nudity in one chapter put me off,although it was mentioned once that he was naked, I couldn't take it off my mind.
I have always prefered first person point of view to third person,but in this case,I just felt how talkative he was.
It was a dumb book,in my opinion!!
But,as I said I listened to the audiobook,and I think the narrator did a really good job and made the book a bit more interesting as it is!
1.5 star!!!
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