The Book of Lost Things

The Book of Lost Things - John Connolly David's mother passes away and after a while his father remarries a woman who gives birth to a son. David loves reading and fills his lonliness by reading.Once in the middle of a night he hears his mother's voice claiming that she is alive and needs to be saved.Following the voice,David enters a world very different from his own. Will he be able to find his mother? Will he be able return to his world?

I like the book,however,toward the end, I sort of grew to not like it any more. It wasn't my typical type of fairy tale or young adult. Some parts were gruesome ,creepy and sometimes really annoying.The part about the huntress really put me off and I had hard time reading it. Maybe the problem was that I'd expected to read a fairy tale. I think the author hates fairy tales ,and that's why he decided to screw them up like this!