And Then There Were None

And Then There Were None - Agatha Christie Wow,it is awesome,wonderful.I don't know what to say.
To begin with, there were ten people. They were invited to a private island during a holiday. Every one of them was invited by a different host. They are complete strangers to each other. However, the host is nowhere to be found. Instead, two servants were hired to serve them. All of them have a dark secret back in their life. Then, one by one, they are murdered cold-heartedly. There is a nursery poem in every room which tells how the next victim will be killed. The identity of the murderer or murderess is unknown to them. Later, they come to the conclusion that the murderer or murderess is among them. In other words, all of them will be murdered, except the one who do the killing. Due to bad weather, they are unable to leave the island. They are trapped there, and have no alternative, but to meet their fate.
This book, also known as Ten Little Niggers, is another masterpiece by the queen of crime, Agatha Christie. There is no detective here to investigate the case .In other words, neither Poirot, nor Miss Marple, nor any other detective, can be found in it. This book is packed with suspense which keeps the readers at the edge of their seats and makes them anxious to know what would happen next. It’s a page tuner and unforgettable mystery.
I really couldn't put it down. Simply, I was hooked. I wanted to know who would be the next victim, and above all who was this mysterious murderer, why had the murderer gathered all these people to kill them? What kind of intention a person could have for such a behavior? I've just kept guessing, but I was wrong. And, that’s the point. It wouldn’t be mystery by Agatha Christie, if it could be guessed easily. The problem was as I suspected someone; he or she was killed. There is a nursery poem in the book that guests are killed based on it. Several times,I referred back to know how the next victim would be killed. The ending was absolutely wonderful. Agatha Christie caught me off guard as always! I think it's a must read for mystery fans.