On The Night Of The Seventh Moon

On The Night Of The Seventh Moon - Victoria Holt I'm so interested in books that I grab any chance to talk about them.One of Victoria Holt's books was recommended to me by a distant relative of mine.She didn't even remember the name of author.But since she was so fond of that book,I decided to find the book.It was Bride of Pendorric which I will read for sure.So,as I said it was my first book by Victoria Holt.This book is mixture of romance and mystery which I love both.

The beginning was excellent, in the middle it became a bit boring and repetitive,but towards the end it became breathtaking,full of excitement and suspense.

This book is about a young woman,named Helena.One morning,she awakened in her bed to be told that her marriage had been a dream.All through the book.she wanted to find out what had had happened to her.

My favorite part is the part in which the Count was killed by the innkeeper.I was about to shout.It served him right.He deserved to be killed in a more cruel way,though!!!!

I like the mystery and I kept guessing,some of them were correct and some wrong.
To my surprise,their marriage was a real marriage and not a mock one.
But to my relief,fritz was Helena's son.

All in all.I enjoy reading this book.I will read more of Victoria Holt's books