Mockingjay - Collins Suzanne So depressing and dark,but realistic.

Real or not real?


I’m a bit depressed by the ending and even the whole book.Anyway,despite every thing ,this book exceeded all my expectations ,maybe because I had set them so low!!And I enjoy reading it.It wasn't quite as good as "The Hunger Games," but better than "Catching Fire."
A lot of characters died in this installment.However,the character's death which bugged me the most is definitely Prim's. I was on verge of tears.Poor her! I wanted her alive and also I wanted her to be a doctor.And also Finnick' death.Finnick and Annie reminds me of Lupin and Tonks in some ways.
And I'm a bit depressed that Katniss ended up with Peeta.I feel,Gale was only a tool to make the story more engaging to follow. He didn't try much to win Katniss's heart. Maybe,that's for the better and he'll find a better person,who knows?!