Necropolis: City of the Dead (The Power of Five, #4)

Necropolis: City of the Dead (The Power of Five, #4) - Anthony Horowitz I really like this series.This was exactly what I want to read in this period of time.
There is to be another book in this series,but unfortunately I couldn't find any news anything about when it would be published which really let me down.I desperately want to read the next book :(
This series is easy to read,and at the same time,easy to relate with the main characters who I grew to like.It's really a pity that there is no news about the next book.
At first,I thought this series wouldn't appeal to me,but I found myself love it.
The whole series is full of adventure,suspense and unexpected events.I was on the edge my seat through the whole series.
All in all,it's worth a try.A quick,easy and fun read
I'm gonna read more of the Anthony Horowitz's works.