Shadowland - Meg Cabot In the first place,I wanted to give it 2 stars,I mean it's ok,but I don't like it much.However,I think 2 stars are for books which don't make you curious enough to read the next,and after finishing this book,I want to know what'll happen I gave it another extra star!
It reminded me of Twilight in some ways.Of course,there is no vampires in this book.I like Suze better than Bella.But,sometimes she did something which was doomed to failure from start.Maybe,she's so confident,I don't know!On this account,somehow she was on my nerve.But,she is not that obsessed by that ghost,and that's the thing I like about her compared with Bella.
The thing I don't like about this book:some references to hot abs!
I've decided to give the next book a go.I'm just curious about Jess's past.