اسکار و خانم صورتی

اسکار و خانم صورتی - Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt, مهتاب صبوری It's just my personal opinion about this book, so please don't get offended if it's one of your faves!:)

It is about a ten year old boy who suffers from cancer and had an unsuccessful surgery,so he has only 12 days left to live.His favorite nurse,who is called pink mama by him,encourages him to write letters to God.

When I first read the summary of the book,I thought how touching and heartbreaking,it would be.However,after I read it,I had a completely different idea.Is it a good excuse for a ten year old boy to behave like an adult,just because he's gonna die? I didn't like the idea.Is being in a relationship with opposite sex (or acting like an adult while you have no idea what that is) the most important thing in our life and because of this, he should experience it before his death?? I hate everything about him and that nurse. I had started to like Éric-Emmanuel Schmitt,But this book totally changed my mind.