Ninth Key

Ninth Key - Meg Cabot When I read the synopsis of the whole series in Wikipedia,it really appealed to me.I mean,a girl who is able to see, touch and talk to ghosts.
And then she finds out that she is able to travel in time.
However,now after finishing the second installment of the series,I lost my interest in reading the rest of the series.Only the idea of the book is interesting.

Anyway, I kept reading.but it didn't catch my interest until the end.
The main character,Suze,again was too sure of herself and got herself into troubles and didn't pay attention to warnings.I was wrong about her.I thought I prefer her to Bella.But I was wrong.It seems to me that she is interested in every guy around as long as they are hot!
The only reason I kept reading was that I liked to read something in English,and this book was really an easy read for me!!