Storm Front

Storm Front - Jim Butcher Didn't like it as much as I'd expected.Owing to the fact that it's the combination of mystery and wizardry,I'd thought,I would like this book,however,I found myself hating it in some parts.It was boring in the middle as hell,so boring that I stopped listening to the audiobook and picked up my ereader to read the rest,which was kind of torture!! I skipped so many pages!
I really hate the way women are portrayed in this book.
Nudity in one chapter put me off,although it was mentioned once that he was naked, I couldn't take it off my mind.
I have always prefered first person point of view to third person,but in this case,I just felt how talkative he was.
It was a dumb book,in my opinion!!
But,as I said I listened to the audiobook,and I think the narrator did a really good job and made the book a bit more interesting as it is!
1.5 star!!!