101 Ways to Transform Your Life

101 Ways to Transform Your Life - Wayne W. Dyer As the name of the book speaks for itself,this book contains 101 ways to transform your life.Although,it seems to me that a lot of these ways are just repeated over and over through the book ,and it simply could be summed up in 50 ways,I really like the book all the same.The first thing I noticed about this audiobook, is that the speaker,who I suppose is the author of the book,is very clear and easy to listen to. The background music makes it more relaxing and maintains my interest in the audiobook.Overall,it has a soothing vibe.
I've listened to it few times already.Each time,the good feeling last for a few days,then I just felt like listening to it.So,I ended up listening to it again.And still there is a high possibilty of me listening to it again.:)