Pollyanna - Eleanor H. Porter Actually, at first I watched a movie with the same name on TV. The movie was so appealing to me that I’ve started to find more information about it. The first thing I discovered about it was that it is based on a book. As a result, I went to bookstores and then second-hand bookstores to find the book. However, I ended up finding nothing. At that time, my English wasn’t good enough to read the book in English. Nevertheless, I suppose, it was two years ago that I found the e-book on net and read it.
This book follows the story of an orphan girl, named Pollyanna, who is sent to live with her aunt after her father’s death. She steps into a house in where she is not welcomed. Her aunt seems to hate her and has a harsh behavior toward her. Pollyanna is not allowed to talk about her father in her aunt’s presence. However, nothing can put her in bad mood. She can always find something to be glad for. Although she is only eleven years old, she starts to change the view of all the people who live around toward life. Pollyanna is always glad, wants to make others glad, as well. She plays a game called Glad Game which soon becomes famous around the small town where she lives.
After reading this book, I adored it so much that wanted to read more books by its author. Miraculously, I found its sequel in a bookstore after just finishing the first book. Although, the sequel, Pollyanna Grows Up, was a good read, it didn’t live up to expectations. Now, I have the collection of all e-books by Eleanor H. Porter. However, Pollyanna stands out among them as one of best classic books for children. Whenever, I’m in a bad mood, I remind myself of Pollyanna, and try to play the Glad Game of hers which proved to be really helpful for me