Unwind - Neal Shusterman It was really an awesome read.I love the multiple storyline.Up to the middle I was hooked,but the I got a bit bored,and abandoned it to read some other books,but when I restarted.Again,I love it.
Have you ever thought about becoming an organ donor?
Well,in this book some of teenagers from 13 to 18 are forced to become one.But wait! Not after their death! This process is called unwinding.
Set in far future, Unwind is about some kids who are supposed to get unwound,but run away for dear life.If they managed to survive up to 18,they'd be safe.

It's an engaging book in dystopian genre which reminds me of The Giver,Hunger Games and Uglies. However,as the first book in a series,it was much darker and more terrifying.

Reading part 6 was really a challenge.It was spine-chilling.I needed several breaks to go through it.Still,I had to force myself to keep reading.At the end,I wanted to cry!