Matilda - Roald Dahl, Quentin Blake I enjoyed reading and listening to this book immensely.It plunged me back to my childhood,I felt as if I am a child again reading a book appropriate for my age.
At first, I listened to the audiobook which has a wonderful reader, so I listened to some chapters twice or more. Later, I found out that it was abridged,so I read the book,too.
I love Matilda.
December 10th,2011
I just listened to BBC dramatization of this book,what can I say?? I am just speechless,it is fantastic! Even better than the movie,or the normal audiobook.
Lenny Hennry,the narrator did a great job,I don't know what to say,the way it was dramatized,just made it way more interesting! All the cast were wonderful!

I still love Matilda! After one year!